Hélène Lacombe

Hélène Lacombe, born in 1993, is an illustrator and an architect. After an Applied Arts Upgrading Program in 2011, she joined the Graduate National School of Architecture of Paris-Malaquais. In August 2015, she moved to Helsinki in Finland to complete a master degree in Product and Space Design at the Aalto University School of Arts Design and Architecture. Then, she came back to Paris where she obtained a State Diploma of Architecture in June 2018. In September 2018, she joined a Parisian architecture agency where she simultaneously carried out her Habilitation à la Maîtrise d’Oeuvre in her own name.She has been drawing by hand for many years, developing her own technique and stylistic writing that she affirmed during her years of study. She pursues this passion today through numerous artistic collaborations and commissions (Minelli, Birchbox, Charlie Watch, Balzac Paris...), and creates private commissions for illustrations.Drawing and architecture has always been her passion. In her works, she reveals her attachment to these two closely linked disciplines, where the representation and interpretation she gives of architectures and landscapes are imbued with modernism, colour and precision.Crédits Photos: Alina Sepp
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