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Alex Asfour
Paris Moonlight Sale priceFrom 19€
Agathe Sorlet
Tiens moi Sale price45€
Francesco Ciccolella
Lovers Sale priceFrom 59€
Alex Asfour
San Francisco 2 Sale priceFrom 19€
Agathe Sorlet
Homecoming Sale price40€
Paul Thurlby
new York Sale priceFrom 59€
Lorraine Sorlet
bear love Sale price59€
Paul Thurlby
Opera Sale priceFrom 59€
Francesco Ciccolella
The Kiss Sale priceFrom 59€
Francesco Ciccolella
Modern Love Sale priceFrom 59€
Anna Kövecses
Love 02 Sale priceFrom 59€
Anna Kövecses
Love 01 Sale priceFrom 59€
Lorraine Sorlet
Together Sale price40€
Affiche Love Paris - Affiche Paris
Paul Thurlby
Love Paris Sale priceFrom 59€
Meeting under the olive trees

A myriad of posters under the sign of romantic passion

 Here is our selection of printed posters ideal for saying “I love you”. You will find all our most romantic graphic creations from our catalog there! As well as all the French and international artists whose works recall the tenderness and infatuation of this intoxication that Cupid's arrows grant us.

Let the talented artists Lorraine and Agathe Sorlet make you blind with love with their refined and warm design omnipresent in their wall posters.

Fall in love at first sight with Alexandra de Assunçao and her colorful and flowery art prints that will delight your eyes and your hearts.

Lose yourself in the adorable and whimsical settings with the graphic masterpieces of Chloé Bourguignon, Francesco Ciccolella and FagoStudio.

And travel to the heart of the most romantic cities in the world alongside your partner thanks to Paul Thurlby and Alex Asfour and their vintage city poster.

In short, a whole selection of wall posters intended to represent love with a capital A, ideal for finding the perfect gift that will captivate the heart of your better half!

Where can we find our passionate love posters?

2 journeys to reach our galleriesSergeant Paperdedicated to graphic arts!

Come to 26, rue du Château d'Eau, 75010 Paris to discover our poster exhibition and immerse yourself in the world of the artists we have carefully selected!

Meet at 1, place Félix Fournier, 44000 Nantes and take a break at Maison Sergeant to soak up our ultra-deco art prints!

But if the ardor of the flame that animates you is too intense and you are burning too impatiently to make the journey to our stores. In this case no worries, you can order via our online catalog, our products are shipped within 24 hours in a reinforced package, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Whatever your choice, we guarantee top quality posters! Printed on textured paper, with quality, eco-responsible inks. All 100% made in France, coming from our workshops in Paris!

Love doesn't wait, and neither should you thanks to Sergeant Paper.

Wall decoration posters full of love that you will fall in love with.

There is nothing more intoxicating than seeing life in pink, and it's not Édith Piaf who will tell you otherwise! This is why we created this album of graphic works of art, in order to capture the joy and passion that we feel when we are in love with a fusional love, whether it is cohabitation or simple of a simple love affair!

But why treat yourself to a Sergeant Paper wall decoration to declare, or maintain, your love? It's simple, a poster of love is like love itself, it is imperishable. Roses fade, chocolates melt, jewelry rusts, but our quality posters are like your feelings: eternal.

And then, don’t we say that “to love each other is to look together in the same direction”? Looking at our wall decoration works with your partner is the guarantee of a successful relationship!

No longer fool around with simple gifts whose beauty fades with time, but instead offer a magnificent Sergeant Paper love poster for Valentine's Day!

Diverse art prints filled with tenderness

This selection of love posters brings together different works from different artists with whom we collaborate day after day to offer you the best visual experiences. Thanks to these numerous collaborations, we have an extremely varied product offering in terms of format and content.

From true and close love, to the strongest friendship and the purest family love, you will find love in all its forms in our catalog of love posters.

Are you a big sentimentalist and life as a couple attracts you more than anything? Find marital scenes worthy of the greatest films in rose-tinted wall prints by Agathe Sorlet, Lucy Macaroni and Hyperbaudet.

More of a fan of offbeat humor diverting scenes from everyday household life? You will find the rare pearl with the fun graphic creations of Chloé Bourguignon and Francesco Ciccolela.

Black and white or in color, graphic designs or watercolors, on the sofa or in Bologna, animals or toothbrushes... All the themes and styles mix and unite to form a single selection of posters based on the 'love.

Spring flowering accompanied by the mating season arrives at Sergeant Paper

Love is like nature, it is essential to Man for his survival. Ask Oscar Wilde and he will tell you that “only love can keep someone alive.” ". And this little floral and plant side which is assimilated to this pure and noble feeling, you will also experience it through the wall images of Sergeant Paper.

Its most obvious representative will be Alexandra De Assunçao and her procession of posters centered on nature and women. But this verdant passion is also found in the work “The Kiss” by Francesco Ciccolella.

Dare to taste the forbidden fruits that are the apple from Hello Marine’s “More Love” poster or the sweet pleasures of the confectionery offered by Amandine Delaunay. Enough to awaken the primary and natural bestial side of Man with a graphic print.

In short, discover Sergeant Paper's little secret garden of passions through our love posters.

How to properly decorate your interior with our Love Posters?

Whatever Sergeant Paper's original creation you choose, your decor will be top notch! However, let us give you some tips that will ensure the most effective presentation of your poster.

Reserve the most intimate posters representative of your bond with your partner in the bedroom, it will remind you of your best memories and will be your most faithful advisor!

Display the funniest creations in the living room where they will look great! A real discussion starter and a good opportunity to laugh with family or friends.

And finally, use the most naive and childish works for your children. These prints, which they will keep for many years, will be an eternal reminder of your parental love.

There you go, all you have to do is take the first step and offer, or buy yourself, a love poster signed Sergeant Paper!


Today, declare your love and show your difference with Sergeant Paper.