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Sergeant Paper invites you to explore the world with an original collection of works on the Travel Poster theme . No need to fill a suitcase or hiking bag to enjoy the most beautiful destinations and meet up in the four corners of the world !



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Alex Asfour
Amsterdam Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Paris Moonlight Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Lyon Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Lisbon Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Bali Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Nice Sale priceFrom $55.00
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Léa Morichon
Madagascar Sale price$28.00
Alex Asfour
Triumphal arch Sale priceFrom $55.00
Julie Guillem
Sahara Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Tokyo Sale priceFrom $55.00
Paul Thurlby
Rue Montorgueil Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Havana Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Venice Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Santorini Sale priceFrom $55.00
Julie Guillem
Airmail, Sahara Sale priceFrom $66.00
Paul Thurlby
Royal Palace Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
New York City Sale priceFrom $55.00
Julie Guillem
Mount Fuji Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Rome Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Malibu Sale priceFrom $55.00
The swimmers
Léa Morichon
The swimmers Sale price$28.00
Alex Asfour
Iceland Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
London Sale priceFrom $55.00
Julie Guillem
White Valley Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Marseille Sale priceFrom $55.00
Paul Thurlby
Eiffel Tower Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Miami Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Amalfi Coast Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Copenhagen Sale priceFrom $55.00

Rigorously selected artist posters to take your interior on a journey.

By leafing through our travel diary made up of posters, you will find theart printsmany artists who are a little dreamy, or frankly adventurous.

Among them, let's go on a wander with Alex Asfour, who offers a series oftravel illustrationsa little retro, to give a vintage side to the decor! With his unique creations in exotic colors, the American artist takes us around the world.

Her various wanderings are a great source of inspiration for Léa Morichon! Thanks to his creations of wall posters on the theme of travel, we stop in colorful countries where sun, sea and sailboats reign.

Paul Thurlby cultivates a fabulous passion for discoveries, great journeys and escapades to the ends of the world. This is why the artist embarked on a series oftravel posters, in order to keep a souvenir ready to hang of the capitals that he had the chance to visit.

A favorite, a souvenir, a nice gift, a need for adventure? There are so many reasons to treat yourself (or to offer) a poster on the theme of travel, or any other work from our selection of French and international artists!

Where to find original travel posters to give as gifts, or simply to treat yourself?

2 routes appear before you to access our galleriesSergeant Paperdedicated to graphic arts!

Come to 26, rue du Château d'Eau, 75010 Paris to discover our poster exhibition and immerse yourself in the world of the artists we have carefully selected!

Meet at 1, place Félix Fournier, 44000 Nantes and stop off at Maison Sergeant to soak up our ultra-deco art prints!

Well, if you fear the urban jungle, you don't have a compass or you want to get fantastic posters and art posters without having to set foot outside... You can also explore our online catalog and buy a poster journey from your cozy nest!

No matter the journey, each work is carefully printed ontextured paperwith somequality inksand supplied with its certificate of authenticity.

Become an explorer without leaving home?

Phileas Fogg at heart, do you like adventure stories and are you thinking of traveling around the world one day? You don't have the slightest intention of jumping on a plane to embark on a big expedition, but are you a perpetual dreamer?

Sergeant Paper invites you to travel without having to leave your cocoon, thanks to a wide choice ofartists' canvaseson the theme of travel! Set off to conquer distant lands or rediscover those that have had such an impact on you!

Discover extraordinary travel posters

Do you want to decorate your walls with your destinations? Do you have a wandering mind or a terrible need to escape?

Let yourself be carried away by ourillustrated art printson the theme of travel! Whether you want to decorate a room in a classic, Scandinavian or industrial style, travel posters promise a great escape for all types of decoration!

Sergeant Paper puts on his captain's cap and takes you to quality posters

Here you will findtravel posterswith unique features and delightful colors to transport your interior to the other side of the world.

Impressions onhigh quality paperto reveal the unique creations of French or international artists and graphic designers and make your loved ones dream.

Yes, you can put down your bags, you have arrived at your destination: whether you want to give an exotic, vintage or more classic touch to your decor or offer agift ready to hangtruly original, you will find what you are looking for at Sergeant Paper!

The world in a new dimension

Even if we do not always have the opportunity to travel to the four corners of the world, the posters which decorate our interiors remain evocative elements like a call from the sea, a sensation of vertigo, a realinvitation to travel.

Without being an insatiable adventurer or a great travel enthusiast,authentic canvasesand atypical selected by Sergeant Paper have the power to provoke a feeling of depth, to confront us with the immensity of the world...

Ultimately, it's a bit as if ourposter storehad the ability to give relief to all interiors, from the bedroom to the living room, including the office and the kitchen. Yes, here we see things big and we put the whole world on the wall!

Ahoy, amazing travelers!

Are you inspired by your previous trips or driven by the desire to do so many more? Here you will find nuggets worthy of a fabulous treasure hunt! Black and white, vintage, ultra decorative, contemporary art or subtlety, yourTraveloguewall will oscillate between decoration and source of inspiration.

It is certain that Baudelaire was thinking of Sergeant Paper when he wrote these verses: “We want to travel without steam and without sail! To brighten up the boredom of our prisons, pass over our minds, stretched like a canvas, your memories with their frames of horizons. »

So, like the poet, thanks to ourcatalogconstantly enriched withtravel posters, we invite everyone to leave a window open to a new horizon, which looks towards aelsewheremore or less distant.

Travel ideas to capture and hang!

At Sergeant Paper, we have chosen to work withartistsand unique creations to always offerinnovative prints, original and graphic.

The different posters listed under the travel poster theme all have a special place within ourgalleries of Nantes and Paris, but we know for a fact that they are hatching a plan. An attempt at a getaway to be able to come and blossom in the comfort of your home!

So, show your difference with our selection of travel posters!

More specific destinations in mind?

Do not hesitate to visit our other more targeted thematic pages which may better suit your expectations! Are you looking for a poster illustrating the beauty of a city and its monuments? You will find your happiness with the pageCities Poster! Do you already know which city interests you? No worries ! We can already offer you the original Art Prints by Paul Thurlby depicting the magnificent landscapes of the City of Lights or the Big Apple with the pagesParis posterOrNew York poster!

Whatever the specificity of your desires, Sergeant Paper guarantees to help you find L'Affiche which will suit you and which will be able to dress your interior as you wish!