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Agathe Singer
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Julie Guillem
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Agathe Singer
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Agathe Singer
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Julie Guillem
Antarctic Sale priceFrom $66.00
Emilie Bouguereau
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The lobster complex
Agathe Singer
Red Bird Sale price$66.00
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The Bird Cabin Sale price$95.00
Odile Ferraille
Cool club Sale price$44.00
Julie Guillem
Migrants Sale priceFrom $66.00
Emilie Bouguereau
Monkey Sale price$45.00
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Odile Ferraille
Mimi blue Sale price$28.00
Paul Thurlby
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Emilie Bouguereau
Lion Sale price$95.00
Agathe Singer
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summer house
Quentin Monge
summer house Sale price$66.00
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Agathe Singer
Bluebird Sale price$44.00
Lorraine Sorlet
bear love Sale price$66.00
Agathe Singer
White Swan Sale price$66.00
Odile Ferraille
blue cat Sale price$28.00
Agathe Singer
Gray Rabbit Sale price$66.00
Julie Guillem
Sea Parrot Sale priceFrom $66.00
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Amandine Delaunay
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Animal Art Prints for a wild and endearing decoration

Go on safari to the confines of the wildest jungles, the densest forests and the most icy ice floes with the Animal Poster collection from Sergeant Paper. An illustrated bestiary bringing together animals of all species from the four corners of the world!

Browse our catalog of graphic illustrations representing a variety of wildlife that will delight young and old alike and will dress your walls with a beastly and designer touch!

Birds, bears, felines and canines, furry or feathered species... all illustrated in original works by French and international artists.

Discover the impressive realism of the Amandine Delaunay posters, the fun and educational art of Wolfnoodle and Marcel and Joachim while drifting along the colorful and natural works of Émilie Bouguereau and Agathe Singer.

Not forgetting the fun, fantastic and quirky impressions from Thibault Gleize, FagoStudio and Shane! Wacky and endearing animals ready to (hang) on ​​your walls.

Awaken your animal instinct and treat yourself to a graphic companion who will become your home's best friend thanks to the Sergeant's Animal Poster selection!

Sergeant Paper's animal posters roam free in our galleries

Come and find all our most beautiful animal posters in our stores in Nantes and Paris! For this, you have two routes to reach our galleriesSergeant Paperdedicated to graphic arts!

Come to 26, rue du Château d'Eau, 75010 Paris to discover our poster exhibition and immerse yourself in the world of the artists we have carefully selected!

Meet at 1, place Félix Fournier, 44000 Nantes and take a break at Maison Sergeant to soak up our ultra-deco art prints!

By purchasing from our stores, you will have the possibility of immediate framing for your works!

But if the urban jungle is too beastly for your taste, and the softness and comfort of your home seem perfect to offer you the most natural of decorations. Do not panic ! You can always hunt for art from your couch with a leisurely stroll through our online catalog.

Regardless of the circuit chosen, our animal posters are printed with the greatest care in our workshops in Paris, on textured paper with quality, eco-responsible inks. And all our works are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Go hunting for wild artistic illustrations!

Art prints of animals of all kinds roam freely in the Animal Poster catalog. Computer or phone in hand, go poaching for wild works of art and hang your best catches in your bedroom or living room.

You are not a hunter but a trainer? In this case, come and tame our illustrated wild animals and our graphic marine mammals. For experienced ornithologists, we offer you an observation of our larger-than-life birds drawn in their natural habitats.

In short, grab your harpoons and draw your bows, because the hunt for wall decorations is on in the Animal Poster collection from Sergeant Paper!

The Sergeant Paper Illustrated Zoo opens its doors!

Take a leisurely stroll through the Sergeant's zoological graphic exhibition and discover all our animal art prints which will wonderfully embellish your living room!

You can test your courage near the enclosure of majestic wild animals with works likeCheetahby Émilie Bouguereau,Lionby Marcel and Joachim or evenLeopard in Gardenby Agathe Singer.

The adventure of the marine world awaits you at the aquarium with aquatic creatures likeNarwhalOrBlue whaleby Amandine Delaunay, but alsoGreen Fishby Julie Guillem.

It's a real song festival around the bird cage where you can find posters likeBirdfrom Wolfnoodle,Owlby Amandine Delaunay but alsoSea Parrotby Julie Guillem.

These are all the critters with fur, feathers and scales that you can find by visiting the bestiary that is the Animal Poster collection from Sergeant Paper.

The animal poster, the best friend of man and woman

Of course, like all fans of pets, stuffed animals or fans of animal zoology, at Sergeant Paper we love critters of all kinds. But we must admit that even if they are adorable and endearing, they remain messy, invasive and noisy.

This is where the real advantage of our animal posters lies, they are discreet, blend perfectly into the decoration of your interior, and are not likely to bite or scratch your sofas. Admit that it’s practical!

And this, while maintaining this endearing and loving side that our four-legged friends give us. With the added bonus of a touch of modern art and design that will be a sensation among your loved ones.

Animal posters are therefore a perfect gift for all lovers of terrestrial or aquatic fauna who have a keen artistic sense, as well as an excellent decoration idea for your own home.

A wide choice of animal posters just for you

At Sergeant Paper, we are proud to be able to offer you a selection of diverse and varied posters thanks to the many French and international artists with whom we collaborate. Indeed, the album Poster Animaux brings together the works of more than ten artists whose styles, means used and influences differ.

Whether you are more Black and White or colorful, minimalist or realistic, painting or drawing. Your preferences are all taken into account, and will all be satisfied in this nuanced selection of animal illustrations.

So don't hesitate any longer, and treat yourself to a splendid wild and aesthetic art print to dress your walls with the Sergeant's wild touch. And as always, show your difference with the Animal Poster collection from Sergeant Paper.