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Léa Morichon
Portofino Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Amsterdam Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Paris Moonlight Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Lyon Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Lisbon Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Bali Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Nice Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Triumphal arch Sale priceFrom $55.00
Paul Thurlby
Tuileries Sale priceFrom $66.00
Paul Thurlby
Coffee Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Tokyo Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Havana Sale priceFrom $55.00
Paul Thurlby
Rue Montorgueil Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Venice Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Santorini Sale priceFrom $55.00
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Paul Thurlby
Royal Palace Sale priceFrom $66.00
Nilac Studio
The Blue Door Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
New York City Sale priceFrom $55.00
Paul Thurlby
Place des Vosges Sale priceFrom $66.00
Paul Thurlby
Water Towers Sale price$66.00
Alex Asfour
Rome Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Malibu Sale priceFrom $55.00
Nilac Studio
At Zenith Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Iceland Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
London Sale priceFrom $55.00
Paul Thurlby
Eiffel Tower Sale priceFrom $66.00
Alex Asfour
Marseille Sale priceFrom $55.00
Alex Asfour
Miami Sale priceFrom $55.00
Paul Thurlby
Canal Saint Martin Sale priceFrom $66.00

Rigorously selected artist posters to liven up your interior.

By leafing through our city map made up of posters, you will find theart printsmany artists who love nature and the countryside, or frankly city dwellers.

Among them, let's go on a wander with Alex Asfour, who offers aseries of illustrationsa little retro from the cities that are dear to him, to give a vintage side to the decor! With his unique creations in exotic colors, the American artist transports us from city to city in the blink of an eye.

Her various wanderings are a great source of inspiration for Blandine Lamy! This graphic designer, who can't sit still, draws inspiration from her memories to createcity ​​posterscolorful that go perfectly with all interiors.

Paul Thurlby offers us an orienteering course through the streets of the capitals he has had the chance to visit. This artist, who has a great passion forold posters, connects the travel posters, as if to immortalize his favorite places.

A favorite, a souvenir, a nice gift, a need for change, there are many reasons to treat yourself to a poster on the theme of cities, or any other work from our selection of French or international artists .

Where can you find posters of cities around the world as gifts, or simply to treat yourself?

2 journeys to reach our galleriesSergeant Paperdedicated to graphic arts!

Come to 26, rue du Château d'Eau, 75010 Paris to discover our poster exhibition and immerse yourself in the world of the artists we have carefully selected!

Meet at 1, place Félix Fournier, 44000 Nantes and take a break at Maison Sergeant to soak up our ultra-deco art prints!

But, if you fear the sound of horns, you don't have a map of these cities or you want to get some fabulous posters andart posterswithout having to set foot outside... You can also explore our online catalog and buy a city poster from your cozy nest!

Regardless of the circuit, each work is carefully printed on textured paper with quality inks and supplied with itscertificate of authenticity.

Discover posters of tourist or confidential towns

Are you more of a city rat than a country rat, or do you simply like the excitement that reigns in large cities? Black and white, vintage, ultra decorative, contemporary art or subtlety, your wall travel journal will oscillate between decoration and source of inspiration.

Whether you want to dress a room in a classic, Scandinavian or industrial style, let yourself be carried away by ourillustrated art printson the theme of the most famous cities!

Jacques Attali affirms: “The city is the only living being capable of truly rejuvenating. » An excellent idea therefore to browse the catalog ofcity ​​postersfrom Sergeant Paper to add some pep to your interior! And then, offering a city poster to your loved ones allows you to kill two birds with one stone: a breath of fresh air combined with a touch of modernity.

Sergeant Paper puts on his guide hat and directs you towards quality posters

With all theseillustrations of cities in Franceand besides, you will have the impression that your interior no longer has borders! Between memories and discoveries, you will wander around your home as if you were surveying the urban space of the most beautiful capitals.

Let yourself be tempted by the charm and personality of thecity ​​postersdesigned by hand-picked artists and come stroll through the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Milan, Montreal or Lille!

The bus arrives at its terminus? Whether you want to give a touch of modernity, vintage or more classic to your decor, you will find what you are looking for at Sergeant Paper!

What is your type of city?

Do you feel good there, and yet it’s not your place of residence? Do you like it especially because it is dotted with impressive buildings and exceptional monuments? This city capsizes you, because everything about it is particularly exotic?

Wise or lively cities, immense, small or picturesque: there is something for everyone in ourselection of posters of French citiesand more widely in cities around the world.

Rediscover the energy, history, anecdotes or unrivaled atmosphere of your favorite places thanks to print artsready to hangfrom Sergeant Paper, and bring a touch of that je ne sais quoi that makes you vibrate so much, to the very heart of your home.

Which poster composition should you choose for a personalized and charming decoration?

If you like order and admire the rigor of the metro lines, choose acomposition of city postersin a line or in a square, by selecting posters of identical sizes.

If you prefer a more original decor, opt forcity ​​postersfrom France or the world in different sizes and place them randomly on your wall. Like the most non-conformist of architects, offbeat effect guaranteed!

To avoid the “Lilac puncher” effect, you can also choose not to hang the posters from ourposter store, by placing them directly on consoles or sideboards. This solution allows you to change the elements of your decoration according to your mood!

Travel posters to visit and hang!

At Sergeant Paper, we have chosen to work with artists andunique creationsto always offer innovative, original and graphic prints.

To date, hundreds of destinations and cities around the world are waiting for you to decorate your interior. We regularly expand ourpanel of artistsand posters of all kinds, so don't hesitate to come and pay us a quick visit in our galleries in Nantes or Paris!

So, show your difference with our selection of city posters!

Already decided?

If you already know which city your heart is drawn to, Sergeant Paper invites you to find its selection of specialized posters to facilitate your research. Do you like adventure, action, modernism and too much? So for you it will be a direct for our New York Poster collection. If, on the other hand, you prefer authenticity, simplicity and love then you will go straight to the Poster Paris page. If you are more looking for wild spaces and magnificent landscapes, then the Travel Poster category will be for you!

Find the wall art that will make you happy with Sergeant Paper.