The concept

It is in its own Parisian workshop that Sergeant Paper, a paper expert with a discerning eye, prints art posters on FSC-certified textured paper with quality pigment inks.

For more than 12 years of existence and more than a hundred exhibitions organized, the Sergeant continues to print (and express) his favorites. A fascination for a talent, an encounter, an emotion in the face of a detail, a color... and more than 1,500 gems from French and international artists , promising or established , come to life every day in our workshop. And it's not over.


Quality poster

The Sergeant uses the inkjet technique which uses natural pigment inks for better printing stability and intense colors . Each work has its own paper: the Sergeant chooses the most suitable paper.

Committed poster

All Sergeant Paper posters are printed in our own Parisian workshop. The Sergeant undertakes to recycle his ink cartridges with a specialized organization. As much as possible, it uses packaging and paper that meets FSC standards , from responsible sources. To avoid overconsuming paper, Sergeant Paper prints its posters on demand or in small quantities.

Certified poster

Your poster is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity. The Sergeant Paper certificate is the certainty of a compliant work and a unique numbering.

Signed poster

At the bottom of each poster you will find a manual signature of the artist or digital. For what? When an artist can come regularly to our workshop to sign his posters then this is the chosen solution. On the contrary, when an artist lives very far away or is very rarely available, then we opt for a digital signature.

Limited series poster

The majority of our posters are produced in limited series. Each poster has a unique number. Once all copies of a series are sold, the poster will no longer be reprinted.

Paid artist

Buying Sergeant Paper means supporting graphic creation. For each poster sold, the Sergeant pays a percentage of the sales to his/her illustrator.