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Lucha Libre
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Affiche JO 100m - Clemi
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Zoran Lucic
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Zoran Lucic
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Zoran Lucic
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Zoran Lucic
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Zoran Lucic
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Decorative Art Prints full of sporting passion!

Get on the field with Sergeant Paper's new sports poster collection! Do you regularly follow your favorite sporting competitions, from the stands or on the small screen?

Come browse our catalog of wall prints dedicated exclusively to sports of all kinds! The most significant events and the most beautiful legends of each sporting discipline are just waiting for you to decorate your interior!

For big sneaker fans, find the legendary Lebron James in different new and vintage graphic prints!

If you are more of a Roland-Garros team, the Sergeant also has something to satisfy you with original creations from all your favorite tennis players like Federer, Nadal or even the Williams sisters.

Is your guilty pleasure cycling and the Tour de France? Treat yourself by treating yourself to a poster of Paris Roubaix or Alpe d'Huez!

Even football fans are in the spotlight in this album of sports works. Meet the legends who made football stadiums shine like Zidane, Pelé and Platini!

In short, the ball is in your court! So don't hesitate any longer and offer your loved ones (or yourself) a superb artistic sports poster from the special Sergeant Paper album!

Where can you find our sports posters for 100% design and passionate decor?

2 journeys to reach our Sergeant Paper galleries dedicated to graphic arts!

Come to 26, rue du Château d'Eau, 75010 Paris to discover our poster exhibition and immerse yourself in the world of the artists that we have carefully selected!

Meet at 1, place Félix Fournier, 44000 Nantes and take a break at Maison Sergeant to soak up our ultra-deco art prints!

But if your enthusiasm for our printed works of the biggest stars in the world of sport, all disciplines combined, is too pressing for you to waste time traveling. So no problem, browse our site calmly and make your choice without fear or constraint!

Benefit from careful shipping within 24 hours in a reinforced postal tube for greater speed and security. In addition, whether in store or on our site, our works are carefully printed on textured paper with quality, eco-responsible inks. And each poster is provided with its certificate of authenticity.

No matter the circuit, Sergeant Paper guarantees you a certified work of art, signed by true international artists, and all at very affordable prices! The greatest legends of sport are waiting for you to play alongside you in your living room!

Wall decorations to immerse yourself in your fondest fan memories

You also know it, this lively enthusiasm and this atmosphere of camaraderie caused by the exhilarating tension of a great sporting event. Reliving this indescribable feeling on a daily basis is now possible with a poster representing your favorite player hanging on your walls! Show your passion and your pride in supporting without limits with the new Sports Poster collection from Sergeant Paper.

Our catalog of work is chock full of graphic works bringing together the greatest of the greatest athletes, all generations and disciplines combined. From Ronaldo to Lebron James via Raphael Nadal, all your favorite stars have gathered here, and are just waiting to play at (your) home!

Aimé Jacquet knew it: “Give, receive, share: these fundamental virtues of sportsman are of all fashions, of all eras. They are sport. ". Whether it's ball, racket, foot or hand, it's now up to you to play! Treat yourself to a sports poster, or give one to your loved ones and share your love and passion for your favorite player, team or club!

Sergeant Paper becomes the artistic arbiter of your interior decoration!

With its careful selection of graphic illustrations representing the key players and the most legendary sporting events, the Sergeant offers you a brand new vintage decor and design to match your passion!

Posters created by talented artists and carefully printed in limited series, allowing modern artistic decoration worthy of a museum at unbeatable prices!

Rediscover the greatest masterpieces signed by Zoran Lucic representing the greatest legends of Football, Basketball and Tennis by leafing through our catalog.

A whole host of innovative and original screen prints to dress your walls in the colors of your team, with the usual quality and care offered by Sergeant Paper!

No longer stay on the bench, throw yourself into the match alongside your favorite players and experience the thrill of sport every day with the Sergeant Paper Sports Poster collection.

What is your favorite sport?

The little extra of our graphic illustration album is its incredible diversity. We offer you a whole range of sports, as well as formats and colors to suit all tastes! So that your perspective of choice is as broad and extensive as possible.

Football, basketball, tennis... Whatever your field of play, you will find the ideal poster to accompany your interior decoration and express your passion.

Zoran Lucic's works are all diverse and varied. White, black, blue or green, be sure that these creations will captivate you with their charm and vintage design.

Whether clay or grass, jersey or shorts, Messi or Lebron, you will find something to satisfy your fan soul in Sergeant Paper's sports poster collection.

Dozens of vintage sports posters ready to hang!

If you never miss a match of your team or your favorite player. If you are a die-hard fan, and your idols are the greatest athletes this earth has ever borne. So look no further, you have found the ideal decoration to fill your empty walls.

There's nothing better than a work of art representing your favorite athletes to complete your perfect supporter's outfit! Raise your team's colors high, whether to decorate your bedroom or living room!

Make an ace, score a basket, score a goal, and finally: show your passion and your difference with Sergeant Paper.

Too many choices?

Our Sports Poster selection brings together all the original graphic creations of our artists relating to the theme of sport. It's a bit wide, it's true.

This is why the Sergeant offers to simplify your searches by offering you other catalogs representing other disciplines.

Find all the illustrations of Lebron James in the selectionBasketball Poster.

For fans of Zidane or Pelé, find them in the thematic pageFootball Poster.

A big cyclist at heart, rather Tour de France trendy? In this case, get on your two wheels and head towards our collectionBicycle Poster.

And finally, for those who prefer rackets to balls, find your star players in the collectionTennis Poster.