Bastien Vives

Bastien Vives is a French comic book author, born February 11, 1984.
This young author made a name for himself under the KSTR label with notably Taste of Chlorine and recently with Amititroise. Bastien Vives is preparing the album Pour l'Empire at Poisson Pilote (Dargaud), co-signed with Merwann. T.1 was released in March 2010. A graduate of the Gobelins school (animation section), after three years of graphic design at ESAG Penninghen, Bastien Vives took his first steps in a comics workshop that he co-founded in Paris. Under the pseudonym Bastien Chanmax, Bastien Vives publishes Poungi on the internet, “the penguin rapper who loves big breasts”. He was then discovered by the Casterman youth label. KSTR thus published Elle(s), in early 2007, then Hollywood Jan with Mickaël Sanlaville in early 2008, Taste of Chlorine praised by the public and critics in mid-2008 and Dans mes Yeux as well as Amititroise in 2009.


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