Ferry Gouw

Ferry Gouw lives and works in London
Ferry Gouw is an illustrator, graphic designer and filmmaker. At the age of 15, he left Indonesia for London where he currently lives. Ferry Gouw studied Art and Design at the prestigious St Martins School before continuing with a Masters in Film at Mike Leigh's London Film School.
Now artistic director of Major Lazer, Ferry Gouw is in charge of all visual creation, album covers, merchandising and video clips for the group.
Since his youth, Ferry Gouw has been a big fan of American cartoons (Silverhawks, Centurions, Dino Riders) but also of Japanese animation (Saint Seiya, Mazinger Z and Doraemon). This thirst for cartoons mixed with his passion for comics and manga led him to create his unique graphic universe. Passionate about 70s-80s reggae dancehall culture, Ferry Gouw also draws his inspiration from the LP covers of cult groups.


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