A graduate in architecture, graphic art is her lifelong passion. Koralie has been drawing, painting and modeling since she was very young. Based on the principle that the real world only exists through our perception, Koralie projects itself into a utopian harmony, a search for aesthetics by mixing universes, cultures which a priori never meet. Koralie mixes cultural graphic codes from different countries. She is fascinated by costumes, hairstyles, jewelry, traditional objects or objects from another time. Geishka, her recurring character, halfway between a modest geisha, an extroverted manga girl and an elegant matriochka, is the pretext for the story she will tell around it. Koralie is inspired by mandalas in the graphic and geometric, repetitive composition but also in the way of proceeding: meticulous work that requires a lot of patience, particularly when she makes her Imagomyous (insects made of paper lace, metal and wood) .


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