Martina Flor

Berlin-based artist Martina Flor combines her talents as a designer and illustrator in the field of typography.
Martina Flor grew up in Buenos Aires, studied Design in Barcelona and graduated with a Masters in Typography & Media from The Hague. After her studies, Martina Flor settled permanently in Berlin and then founded her studio. She then worked for private international clients, agencies, magazines and publishing houses. During her free time, Martina Flor continues to work on personal projects in the field of typography.
Co-founder of the “Lettering vs Calligraphy” project and founder of “Letter Collections”, Martina Flor carries out her own typography design workshops as well as lectures at several universities.
Indeed, Martina Flor travels all over the world to present her work both at conferences and organizes training workshops for typographers in order to perfect their skills.


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