Mcbess (Mc Bess) (Matthieu Bessudo), born July 5, 1984, is a French illustrator based in London. His style is a mixture of influences from old American cartoons from the 50s like Betty Boop or Merry Melodies, where he illustrates his main character, a sort of alter-ego in the middle of a musical universe with a strong Rocknroll tone. with his sexy groupies, and always a pronounced taste for tattoos, meat or other hamburgers and symbols specific to his surreal world. Mcbess is also a guitarist and singer in the band "The Dead Pirates". Matthieu Bessudo grew up in Cannes. In 2002, after the Baccalaureate, he entered the prestigious Supinfocom school in Arles. There, Mcbess (McBess) specialized in animation for 4 years, while beginning to develop his own style, more colorful at the time and less structured. During his student years, Mcbess published illustrations on various online platforms such as Eatpoo and CafeSale, and thus began to get noticed in the industry. His nickname Mcbess (Mc bess) was given to him by one of his classmates during his years in Arles. In 2006, Mcbess graduated from Supinfocom and made an animated short film called "Sigg Jones" as his graduation project. The short film tells the story of a superstar and his agent. Sigg Jones quickly became a benchmark in terms of 3D animation thanks to its contemporary design and often causes debate due to the use of the Nike and Reebok brand logos. After his studies, Mcbess quickly signed with The Mill, one of the largest animation houses (VFX) in London. Mcbess signed the advertisement for Nissan in 2012, then that for Deezer in 2013, thus exposing his work to the general public. At the same time, Mcbess began a new series of drawings, bringing to life what he considered his "new style". With his illustration "My desk" he defines the new codes of his future style, the one we know today. Since 2007, Mcbess's (mc bess) illustrations have been published in various magazines such as Juxtapoz, Illustrated Ape, and Hi-Fructose. Nobrow has also dedicated a few publications to it such as the limited edition Big Mother which is already out of print. Mcbess (Mc Bess) exhibited in Paris at Galerie Issue in 2010, then again in 2012 at Sergeant Paper (formerly Galerie Issue). Mcbess (Mc bess) has also exhibited in London, Berlin, Hamburg, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Chicago.


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