Miss Van

Miss Van lives and works in Barcelona. She began painting in the streets of Toulouse at the age of 18, in the early 1990s. Miss Van's innovative style contrasts with urban art, which is traditionally masculine. The trends that have influenced his work range from free figuration to pin-ups of the 1950s via the comics of Vaughn Bodé and religious imagery. Miss Van's work has evolved over time. The line has become more refined and the drawing has gained in detail. The stylized “dolls” of the beginning became more realistic, dark and expressive. Don't do anything like the others. Some people erect this vital principle into a true priesthood. From her first steps in the streets of Toulouse in the early 90s, Miss Van understood this well. While graffiti artists place their name at the heart of their practice, she takes a character as her signature. They use the spray, Miss Van chooses the acrylic and the brushes. They are looking towards the Bronx, Miss Van is already aiming for the Louvre and crosses the DNA of graffiti with the Flemish painters of the 15th century. Miss Van has continued to cultivate this art of difference over the years, building a unique style which, although constantly evolving, is identifiable at first glance. For a decade, her dolls would inspire dreams in the four corners of Europe, with Barcelona as their epicenter, the bohemian and creative city where she made her home. They are there, at the bend of an alley, at the bottom of a forgotten passage, sensual and disturbing creatures, fragile and dominating at the same time, always ready to awaken fantasies and comfort lost souls. Little sisters of the street, women children coming to whisper in the ear of passers-by, they have invaded our imagination. They have become familiar to us, building an almost intimate relationship with us. Miss Van drew her inspiration from the depths of herself, her heart and her soul. Euphoria and despair, vice and virtue, Miss Van's color palette is made up of all these feelings. This is undoubtedly what makes his characters so human, so close to us. Miss Van's doll is that little sister you've always dreamed of having, ready to tell you her darkest secrets and listen to yours. Early 2000s. The years passed and Miss Van's dolls grew up. They no longer hang out in the streets but now squat in the biggest galleries around the world, from Paris to New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona and even Manila.


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