Originally from the South West of France, Nicolas LeBorgne aka Odo draws his influences from both the worlds of tattooing and the navy, and for good reason: his grandfather and his great-grandfather were sailors. Odo is part of the Pop Surrealist movement. His work is inspired as much by street art as by tattoos and his strange dreams. He already has a rich and coherent work, full of sensitivity, and teeming with details, which fits perfectly in the tradition of artists like Jeremy Fish or Mike Giant, and thus allows him to enrich the Lowbrow movement with his talent. . “Low Brow Art encompasses a lot of artistic movements like graphing for example, it’s a movement in which I find myself. “, explains Odo.
Almost self-taught, although having received training which revolved around image, video, advertising and the web, Odo developed his style by experimenting and he found his happiness in a work mainly dominated by the use of watercolors and ballpoint pens, but also acrylic paints and Poska, on wood or paper. Odo's remarkable technique is characterized by fineness of line, precision of detail and a restricted color palette. His illustrations often fit on an A4 format but they are extremely rich and meticulous. They require us to come back to it several times in order to detect a new detail each time. “I start by painting with watercolor then I attack all the details, I darken my drawings as much as possible, using lines aligned in a very clean way, it’s quite a long process…”


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