Born in 1972 – he lives and works in Rennes. Since the age of 14, Patrice Poch has gravitated towards the punk-rock universe: Harrington and Doc Martens, saturated guitars and angry concerts. “Do it yourself” culture and appropriation of the street, he quickly became interested in stencils and carried out his first “bombings” in 1988. At the end of the 80's, he discovered the hip hop movement and graffiti. Self-taught, he then invested himself in this new practice and multiplied the paintings on the walls and trains of the Ile-de-France region at an almost Stakhanovist pace. At that time, Europe was the playground of an “international” graffiti scene. He travels, confronts other cultures and other artists. At the end of the 90s, he opted for more minimalist work. Favoring other mediums, he multiplies acrylic logos, in situ collages, stencils and posters. The references and quotes from his street interventions are influenced by two tone ska, mod and punk rock imagery. Limited by the format of the poster, it opts for a representation of characters at real size, opening a dialogue and interaction with the viewer. Anachronistic, the figures he represents are the actors of an 80's punk scene in which the street is the setting, conducive to all wanderings. Faithful to the iconographic codes dear to his youth, he idealizes snapshots of a bygone era when Forum des Halles rhymed with baseball bat, perfecto with bicycle chain, subutex with triplex.


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