Pozla lives and works in the Paris region.
He has always evolved in the world of graffiti and painting. Street artist, active member of the GM collective, Pozla has for many years been putting his talents as a “patouilleur” at the service of cartoons, where he makes clips and short films, collaborating on numerous projects. In particular, he co-directed the second season of the series “Lascars” and with his energetic style cleared the credits of the feature film.
Lulled by comics, Pozla finally takes the step that is so dear to his heart, by creating “MONKEY BIZNESS” with his friend Eldiablo. A comic book with a trashy and wacky universe, this first volume clearly proves that it's not the old monkey that you teach to scribble.
In 2013, on the occasion of the release of the 2nd volume of Monkey Bizness, "the peanuts are cooked", Pozla exhibited at Sergeant Paper some 50 original plates taken from the two volumes. For the occasion, Sergeant Paper and Pozla are publishing 2 new giclee prints: "monkey Bizness" and "Baston Générale".


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