Saddo lives and works in Lisbon. A Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist, Saddo began his career as the founder of one of the first Romanian street art collectives, The Playground, at a time when a recently graduated artist had no other option than to become a graphic designer or teacher. But his artistic activities in the street brought fresh and fun vibes to his way of perceiving art and the world, and opened doors to different projects, commissions for advertising agencies, collaborations with galleries in Bucharest , Vienna, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Ottawa, Salvador, etc. Going through many phases and influences, from horror film posters to urban art and comics, Saddo has recently developed his style towards more elaborate forms, with numerous and varied influences from the old masters of the 15th and 17th century, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Bosch, Brueghel, Walton Ford, naturalist illustration, pop surrealism, religion, mythology, mixing all the different influences and meanings to give ambiguous and dreamlike scenes populated by hypnotic characters with bestial traits. Saddo's latest projects include a series of duo performances with Aitch, called "The Garden of Good & Evil", in Portugal, Canada and Austria, and large murals in Bangkok, Budapest and Halifax.


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