Tabas is the pseudonym of the French illustrator and graphic designer, Cédric Malo. Tabas was born in 1974, lives and works in sunny Marseille, he started with traditional graffiti, before becoming a well-known name in the French graphic scene. The name Tabas comes from the slang expression “ça tabasse!”, which means it slaps, it kills. Spearhead of visual creation in Marseille since 2000, between personal and commissioned work, Tabas is responsible for some of the most notable communication campaigns on the planet Marseille, and beyond. Marsatac, Pastis 51 Piscine, Mix en bouche or Les Nuits Carrées… His clients include Pastis 51, SNCF, Chesterfield, Invernizzi, Label 5, Hachette-livres, Primagaz, Rip Curl, Western Union, Aéroport de Paris, Moulinex, E .Leclerc, Papiers Condat, European Parliament, SFR, Marsatac festival, Rossignol snowboards, Logo skateboards, Artoyz, Sixpack, stages, Pyramide editions, Laurence king editions, Small / Columbia, Sony music, Virgin Music, The city of Marseille, The committee regional Tourism region PACA, Wagram, Euroméditerranée, Public places, Marseille in the box, Paloma SMAC Nîmes metropolis, psychology magazine, La Compagnie de Provence, Mix en bouche...


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