Call me daddy

Creators of images and stories, Call me Papa navigates the clear waters of communication: Global graphics, artistic direction, illustration, editing, screen printing... nothing really resists them.
Call Me Papa is above all 5 heads to think well and 10 hands to create. Kévin, Tom, Marie, Lucie and Jo offer aesthetics that clash or come together with panache and sensitivity. Their creations for Christine & The Queens, Luce, the Sergeant Paper gallery, La Cantine du Voyage in Nantes, Les Femmes s'en Mêlent and Le Cabaret Vert have established them on the French graphic scene.

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Appelle moi papa
Avalanche Sale price$44.00
Appelle moi papa
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The waterfall
The red needle
Finnish proverb
Whoever loves me follow me
Appelle moi papa
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