Elise Enjalbert

Elise Enjalbert is an illustrator artist who loves color. Working exclusively by hand, she expresses her creativity through sensitive and unique works inspired by what Nature offers her to feel. Whether it is the body, femininity or plants, she brings them to life by working with lights and volumes in an inimitable way.

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The Three of Us
Their Kiss
Elise Enjalbert
Activists Sale price129€
Elise Enjalbert
Load Sale price59€
The Conqueror
Elise Enjalbert
Ahead Sale price85€
The Healer
I inflames me
The Intervention
The muse
Elise Enjalbert
The muse Sale price39€
Elise Enjalbert
Observer Sale price39€
The Queen
Elise Enjalbert
The Queen Sale price45€
The braid
Elise Enjalbert
The braid Sale price40€
Come here
Elise Enjalbert
Come here Sale price59€