Elise Lefebvre

Elise Lefebvre is a ceramist, she loves the intense role of color and patterns on the delicate and warm surface of earthenware.

Elise Lefebvre explores animal and floral themes to compose collections of living objects, with sensitive decorations and simple shapes. She develops her universe for tableware or sculpture with naive and dreamlike, cheerful and singular motifs.

The colors are worked in ranges to reveal a spontaneous decor, like a fragment of painting, the memory of a gesture.

After an all-round career, notably in textiles in Roubaix, she discovered clay and the white of plaster at the Duperré school in Paris and became passionate about this inexhaustible world of discovery that is ceramics.

Ceramist since 2004, she manufactures her pieces from the mold to the decoration, designed as unique pieces. Now based in Limoges, Elise Lefebvre presents her collections throughout the seasons for ceramic fairs, department stores, collaborations with brands or special exhibitions.

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Elise Lefebvre
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Horse Medallion
Tiger Medallion
Peacocks Medallion
The messenger
Elise Lefebvre
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Elise Lefebvre
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The Ferryman