Jeremy Booth

Jeremy Booth was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky where he still resides today. From a young age, Jeremy Booth was fascinated by drawing. Years later, he continued to study graphic design. After teaching this discipline, he discovered digital illustration which became a true passion. As an admirer of photography, Jeremy spends a lot of time studying light and shadow and his work is heavily inspired by this.

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Cinder block heaven
Jeremy Booth
Cinder block heaven Sale priceFrom 59€
Dear let's go
Jeremy Booth
Dear let's go Sale priceFrom 59€
Drink drunk drunk
Jeremy Booth
Drink drunk drunk Sale priceFrom 59€
Gone for the weekend
Jeremy Booth
Hifi Sale priceFrom 59€
Midnight smoke
Jeremy Booth
Midnight smoke Sale priceFrom 59€
Monday night meat loaf on a tuesday
Mother in law tongue
No fire no reading
Jeremy Booth
No fire no reading Sale priceFrom 59€
Out to dinner
Jeremy Booth
Out to dinner Sale priceFrom 59€
Jeremy Booth
Ritual Sale priceFrom 59€
Shady shrub
Jeremy Booth
Shady shrub Sale priceFrom 59€
Sold out
Through the yellow door
This just in
Jeremy Booth
This just in Sale priceFrom 59€
Tulip or too late
Jeremy Booth
Tulip or too late Sale priceFrom 59€