The Scoundrels

Les canailles, launched in 2016 by Diane Marissal and Jérémie Leblanc-Barbedienne, is a duo where the literary and artistic influences of one mix with the visual and graphic culture of the other. After studying in Paris and a year in Buenos Aires, it was in Lille that the scoundrels settled and opened their workshop-gallery. Working in artistic direction, the Canailles multiply projects that blur the boundary between fine arts and graphic arts.

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Les Canailles
Lovers Sale price$66.00
Les Canailles
Sunburn Sale price$44.00
30 degrees in the shade
History of the rose and the knife
Secret garden
Lalla Takarkourst
Spice market
Les Canailles
Spice market Sale price$95.00
Les Canailles
Medina Sale price$95.00
New Moon
Les Canailles
New Moon Sale price$66.00
One night in Agafay
Bahia Palace
Les Canailles
Bahia Palace Sale price$66.00
The patio
Les Canailles
The patio Sale price$66.00
Full dodger
Les Canailles
Full dodger Sale price$66.00
The riad
Les Canailles
The riad Sale price$44.00
Rosewater novel
Les Canailles
Terracotta Sale price$44.00
Mint flavored tea
hidden treasure