Lulu the Nantaise

Born in Laval, city of the palindrome, Lulu studied product designer at the Nantes Atlantique Design School. A jack-of-all-trades student, she turned to graphic design as soon as she graduated.
She moved to Budapest where she lived for a few years, then settled near London for two years.
She returns to settle under the Provence sun, where she will meet her agent, Virginie. This meeting will open the doors to illustration for him, which becomes his full-time profession.
A fan of Audiard's films from an early age, which she watched with family, she adopted the nickname Lulu la Nantaise.
His sparkling, colorful and slightly retro style reminds us of that of poster artists like Savignac.
Lulu works mainly for advertising, press and publishing.

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Lulu la Nantaise
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Lulu la Nantaise
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Lulu la Nantaise
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