Suzanne d'Hulst

Suzanne d'Hulst was born in 1994. Graphic designer and illustrator, Suzanne d'Hulst graduated from the Gobelins school in Paris. From a very young age, she was attracted to pencil drawings, preparatory sketches and drafts.
The capacity for observation, attention to detail, the play of light and shadow are fundamental aspects of Suzanne's work.

Hypersensitive and passionate, her inspirations alternate between Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Dürer, Madeleine Basseporte, Caravaggio, Henri Cueco, Élisa Honorine Champin, Alfred Kubin, Claude Serre or even more contemporary artists such as Redmer Hoekstra, Miles Johnston, Violaine and Jeremy, Charlotte Abramow etc…

Equipped with her pencils and a sheet of paper, she combines traditional codes with the modernity of her tablet which she uses to add color. For her, nothing replaces the feeling and touch of a sheet, a pencil and the satisfaction of seeing her drawing take on colors and come to life on a tablet.

Beyond creating and observing the world in its smallest details, she loves nothing more than giving meaning to what she creates. Diversion, impertinence, commitment, poetry and humor are themes that she regularly addresses in her creations.

Her collection of boards represents quite well what Suzanne likes to do: to create several elements in series with a keen eye and this desire to transmit with pedagogy a little of the world around us.

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Suzanne d'Hulst
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Suzanne d'Hulst
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